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Morgan AM&T Coudersport

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  • Up Coming Events

    Union Picnic   Cancelled

    Union Meeting Sept 10th ,  2017


    If anyone was billed for the blood work for their wellness visit see Aaron

    2016 -2019 Contract Update
    Click Here
    You will need a PDF Reader

    New bylaws will be updated soon








Frank Kaziska


Blaine Wise

Recording Secretary:

Diana Reynolds

Financial Secretary/Treasurer:

Jen Kelly

Chief Steward:

Aaron Vollmer


Steve Kelly  Sr.

Negotiating/Grievance Committee:

Jim Bell

Steve Kelly Jr

Chris Waterman


Jim Maiuro

Dave Barshinger

Sheri Boucher

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates. May you have a successful and enjoyable term.





Up Coming Events

  • Monthly Meeting: Sept 10th, 2017

  • Executive @ 1:30

  • Stewards @ 1:45

  • Membership @ 2:00

          Meeting at the Hotel Crittenden Dining Room

Stewards need to attend to keep abreast of events.

Meeting attendance is critical if we are to keep the membership abreast of current events and issues within the local. Solidarity is what keeps us strong. Each member is important to the local.


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